Weightloss is a word spreading like an epidemic because it has come under scrutiny since not only children but adults and senior citizens have been talking about it. For food lovers, it is a complete joy to overeat but though these unhealthy foods and snacks may seem to please the tongue they shall not be very helpful for your body. During earlier times, it was basically considered that those who are overweight or obese were healthy people and that they have a very peaceful and content life but with increase in globalization and awareness regarding the importance and resourcefulness of exercise, that notion has lost its strength and is now scoffed at and the whole concept has changed drastically. People are more conscious about their health than they were before and furthermore they are even more conscious about the health of their kids as well.

Some of the 5 easy steps to extreme weight loss for a healthier living are:


  1. Cutting down on calories: According to specialists, 1 pound of body weight of an average person is equivalent to 3500 calories. When we indulge ourselves in overeating, we gain extra weight because the body’s basal metabolic rate is unable to cut down the extra food. Continuous overeating leads to increase in weight since the body is not able to digest the extra food hence leading to various weight related problems. Eating healthy foods such as salads, oatmeal, cereals, boiled vegetables cuts down on your calorie intake hence automatically leads to weight loss. Also, easy cook foods should be avoided as they are not healthy and fresh, healthy foods made at home should be consumed.
  2. Reducing intake of fast foods: It is an upcoming fashion in today’s world to eat in high class restaurant, hotel and fast food among all ages. We should eat healthy food like salads, cornflakes, oatmeal which have less oil, ghee and butter in them. Decrease in consumption of potatoes, cream, cheese, butter, should be encouraged. Home cooked food is nutritious in nature so one should ignore fast foods and stick to food cooked at home. You should simultaneously take weight loss pills like Garcinia Pure Select to accelerate the process. It is a very well known product and has helped many people reach their weight loss goals. You can buy Pure Garcinia Cambogia in Australia from their official website.
  3. Drinking fewer calories: Nowadays, during summer’s people opt for soft drinks, sport drinks, sodas, artificial fruit drinks, beers, etc. rather than going for healthy drinks such as buttermilk, fresh fruit juices, and fresh milk. This is not a good habit as these drinks contain high amounts of calories, sugars and fats thus becoming one of the main reasons of people becoming overweight. Alcohol consumption should be immediately stopped as it contains excess amount of calories which makes a person highly lethargic.
  4. Daily exercise: Sitting in front of gizmo gadgets make an individual mentally and physically unhealthy. Outdoor activities such as cricket, football, tennis, swimming, yoga, are good for fast shedding of calories as they increase the body’s basal metabolic rate thus increasing his ability to digest more food and burn more calories. Performing yoga and other meditating exercises should be highly encouraged as they not only help in cutting down extra weight but also provides peace of mind. Try searching for the best weight loss shakes and drink them once a day.
  5. Avoid becoming a couch potato: The jobs of most people are such that they stay in one particular spot for 8-10 hours such as people who work in office cubicles. This should be avoided as people tend to become couch potatoes since this causes people to become lazy and lethargic which indirectly becomes a cause of the individual becoming overweight. This should be avoided by doing short bursts of physical activities such as walking while being on the phone; taking small 10 minute breaks from work and moving about.