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The Best Nail Fungus Treatment Available-ZetaClear

How To Use Zeta Clear?

If you are suffering from toenail fungus, Zeta Clear is the medication that is usually prescribed by the doctors. This is indeed a magical medicine for the toenail fungus issues. This is simple to apply. Why don’t you give a try?

Zeta Clear Is The Mixture Of Two Products

There is one thing that you must keep in mind and that is that ZetaClear is the blend of two separate products that actually shows positive results in the treatment of fungal infected toenails. The two products are topical solution and the sublingual spray. In case you always believed that Zeta Clear is one single product, get your facts clear now.

How Is The Topical Solution Applied?

There is a brush that comes fitted with the cap of the bottle. You need to dip the brush into the liquid solution and thereby apply on your affected toenail. You should make it a point that the solution is applied to the closest possible area of the nail that is infected with the fungus. The brush makes it easier to apply the solution.

How Is The Spray Applied?

It is usually applied three times a day (even less) in accordance to the condition of the infection. Do you know you have to spray it under your tongue? This is because tongues are the fastest path to get the medication in your bloodstream and start showing the positive impact. But you have to make sure that you have sprayed it aptly under the tongue.

Have Patience

It is the combination of the two products that works best for treating the toe nail fungus infections. If you can use them both for a few months, you can get rid of the fungus infection. But you need to have patience as it might take some time to completely alleviate the infection and get your nail back to the normal condition.


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